Hey, my name is Vince. I was born on May 3rd, 1994, so infer from that what you will. In any case, this blog has no real point. I can guarantee that anime will almost always be present, though, and Doctor Who, Homestuck, and other fandoms might make regular appearances. Thank you for your time.

17th September 2013

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noel what did you do to get banned from a mined craft server

i broke 3 blocks


17th September 2013

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17th September 2013

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wow this is my life story in like 30 seconds

im not evne fucking joking


I’ve been laughing at this for 84 years 

and will keep on laughing at it

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17th September 2013

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i’m really, really sorry actually i’m not sorry at all

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17th September 2013

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17th September 2013

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(Image: Linden Gledhill/Cognisys - on Flickr)

Ferrofluids are colloidal mixtures - magnetic nanoparticles suspended evenly throughout a carrier liquid.

When placed in a magnetic field, the suspended particles cause the entire fluid to become strongly magnetized. In these images a small drop of ferrofluid is placed within a magnetic field created by a neodymium iron-boron rare-earth magnet.

The peaks and troughs result as the magnet tries to pull the liquid along its field lines.

Text based on a story in New Scientist 8 November 2010

Images from Linden and Shirlie Gledhill’s Flickr pages - check out Linden’s other great macro photography.

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17th September 2013

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How to Get Everyone to Really Really Like You →


A few simple rules to follow to get along in life. Your thoughts on any of these or suggestions?

17th September 2013

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17th September 2013

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Crime Against Nature, by Gwenn Seemel, is a book and series of paintings about the natural behaviors of animals, some of which may contradict our assumptions of what are natural male and female behaviors. It will also remind you that there is a wide diversity of reproductive strategies out there, some which you may have never imagined.

I would have loved this book as a kid - animals, beautiful artwork, and biology lessons all in one.

You can read the entire book free online, or buy it in paper or ebook format.

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17th September 2013

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